Lubbers Family Farm is a family owned picturesque farm nestled along the Grand River in West Michigan. Sustainable agricultural practices have been the guiding principles since 1995. The farm is home to Little Rooster Bread Company. Lubbers meats include succulent beef and whey-special pork. Eggs are laid by heritage hens on pasture. The Farm Store, open seasonally, sells the meats, breads, crackers, eggs, honey, syrup and cheeses along with good foods raised by other local small farms. Large amounts (whole, half or quarter beef or pork) can be ordered through our annual newsletter. A number of fabulous farm-based events and educational workshops are offered seasonally as well.

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For us, it started in 1993 when our youngest daughter, then six-years-old, was diagnosed with brain cancer. We began extensive research into the origins
of cancer, which led us, inevitably,
to our food supply, along with other things over which we had no control. We became increasingly alarmed by what was in our food in the form of pesticides, herbicides, dyes, preservatives— it is a very long list. Then we became equally alarmed by what we found was not in our food nutritionally.

In the early nineties unadulterated, nutrient dense food was extremely hard to find. We began to raise our own. As family and friends began to taste our food, they asked for some for themselves. We found ourselves seriously farming.

Our daughter is now an adult who, while having sustained brain
damage and hearing loss from the treatment, is very healthy.