Nothing, but nothing, tastes better than an egg freshly laid by a heritage hen out on pasture. We know, because we raise them and eat a lot of them. The shells are thick, the yolks are bright yellow and the whites have integrity that holds them together. The chickens are fed organic and local (non-GMO) grains along with all the bugs they can catch. They are also in company with roosters, one of which the farm bakery is named after. Eggs are available in our Farm Store.


Our meats are offered for sale through an annual newsletter
(that includes pricing) available in the spring. Beef, pork, eggs, and produce are also available seasonally in the farm store. Please see our newsletter for all the options and details.

Our pigs play a critical role on the farm. The work up the edges of the pasture, keeping the forest at bay. They eat leftover scraps from the garden and bakery. They eat the whey leftover from the creamery. No hormones, no antibiotics, no synthetics of any kind – just pigs allowed to revel in their piggyness. It is no exaggeration to say this is whey-good pork.

We offer succulent beef. These are cows that are born here in West Michigan in the spring. They spend the entire summer with their mothers out on pasture drinking mother’s milk and eating fresh grass – no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, no grain. This meat is exceptionally tender and flavorful – the best there is in the world of grass-fed beef. Enjoy the best!

Turkey makes the holidays complete. Tradition matters! After an initial stay in a brooder as poults, our turkeys go out on pasture where they get to strutt their stuff. The paddocks are moved weekly to fresh grass. The turkeys are also offered local non-GMO grains. Make the holidays memorable dining as the ancestors did.